Why deal with the stinky smell of your bin, when we can clean, sanitise and deodorise if for just $17*


Keep your bin clean, sanitised and smelling good with the help of Cairns Wheelie Bin Cleaners.

Why would you get your bins cleaned?

  • Create a safer cleaner home environment for your family.
  • Remove all odours, this process leaves your bin with a pleasant smell
  • Helps in preventing disease, in particular EG E-coli & Salmonella,
  • Helps keep creepy crawlies and vermin such as rats and mice away
  • We don’t leave a mess around your home, we will take that with us
  • Our process saves water and is environmentally friendly
  • The best reason – you do not have to do it yourself and the results we get and the affordable cost means you would never think about doing it yourself again

We clean your wheelie bins on the same day as rubbish collection, which means not only do you have an empty bin, but it is also cleaned, sanitised and deodorised regularly (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

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